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Reflections  from Trainees, Participants and Clients:

Constantly improving my programs / skills is a top priority for me. Hence after every workshop, training program or consultancy project, i request the participants / client to give their valuable feedbacks. Would like to thank all those who have given their valuable time to give their feedback, you guys have motivate me and helped me in improving my self. Any of you, who would like to give your feedback of any of the programs, or sessions, please Write your feedback by clicking on contact page. I would be glad to place them here.

  • Great to see these young kids showcasing their work so enthusiastically . loved the hand-shake robot.please do have more of these wonderful programs and workshops.-Suryansh kothari (Pathways international school).

  • Comfort of all the children with the technology!!! They were all so confident about their achievement. Well Done Sir!!. -(Naahar singh khattri).

  • Very nice exposure to young ones to prepare for the upcoming technology. great feeling, thank you yogendra sir.-Kshirja Tewari-(After school Robotics Design Program).

  • The way kids have explained was just wow. hope to see such programms more in future.thanks sir.-Devakinandan (After school Robotics Design Program).

  • All of the programs were fantastic. their understanding & presentation is impressive please take this forward and prepare for more future Robotics champioships.-Aditya-(Pathways School).

  • Really cool to see the kids so excited about what they have built and talk about program constructs and sensors.-Zoya's Parents.

  • Seeing avishi confident and informed about all the concept and buzzing with energy.waiting for the next leap,thankyou Yogendra Sir.-Avishi's Parents.

  • The children were able to explain their stuff,Yogendra sir please must take it forward to higher level. I see a lot of talent and spark in the children.-SakshamDudeja's Parents.

  • Dear Yogendra Sir -Thank you so much for taking this wonderful initiative on Robotics. I   was very impressed to see how confident and invested all the children were in their projects.  As   for Ashneel- he wouldn't miss a single class even when he was sick.He has mentioned to me again and again how much fun he had and how well you taught. Now we have an EV3 robot shooting balls and running around on the floor in our house.😊-Ashneel 

  • Thankyou very much to Mr. Singh on behalf of early years team for all support and help implementing new ideas always.-Kanchan Sharma (Head Early Years-Pathways international School).

  • Really an excellent workshop, we learned many thing which we never known previously........Thank you sir -Kalpana Rout [USBM-Bhubaneswar].

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