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Mr. Tinker

Why ?

      Mr. Tinker


Building a Foundation that can tackle the problems of tomorrow.

“Mission to create a better everyday life with strength & dignity and laughs without fear of the future.

Accelerating Tech with innovative minds

Turn Up Your STEAM Power with Mr.Tinker

“Preparing Students for the Future”

Learning STEM subjects is like learning a new language: to become fluent, children need hands-on opportunities to practice what they learn. Mr. Tinker offer more time for youth to be immersed in STEM and teach them skills they will use their whole  lives.who have comparatively young age has reached out more than 30000+ Students working on Various R&D Projects with Industry and Students from different discipline of engineering and international schools.

An Innovator, thinker, and opportunist having keen interest in developing & executing new ideas and a strong technical background in the field of Automation & Robotics, STEAM Concept based Learning, , I always look for work & people where I can grow my learning & use my skills to enhance the quality education.




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